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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission: Preparing life-long learners as responsible citizens in a dynamic, changing world.

Our vision: The culture of Tenino High School supports learning and develops results through relationships, rigor, and relevance.

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A message from our Principal

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of yet another year. As a staff, we are already beginning to look toward the future and new ways that we can support the students of Tenino High School. One big change coming next year is the implementation of a “trimester” system. I want to take a few moments to explain why the change is necessary and point out how it will benefit our students.

Washington State has passed rules to require all students to have 24 credits to graduate. Under our current two-semester system, students only have the opportunity to earn 24 credits over four years. That means that if a student were to fail any class, they would fall off-track for graduation.

After considering multiple solutions, Tenino High School has decided to implement a trimester system beginning in the fall of 2015. A trimester system divides the school year into three 12-week terms. Students will earn .5 credits for each trimester class passed.

The trimester system has several advantages including:

  • Students will have the opportunity to earn 36 credits over four years.
  • We will be offering several new elective classes to our class selection.
  • We are adding a third math teacher.
  • Students will have three “fresh start” points during the year.
  • Trimesters will better conform to college and career pathways to success, and students will have the opportunity to select and receive recognition for completing personal pathways of study.
  • In the future, some classes will count for college credit.
  • The trimester schedule will include a more focused weekly advisory component in place of Core/Flex; this will provide an additional five minutes of instruction time most days.

The transition to trimesters will include a district-level increase in graduation requirements. This implementation will take place over the next few years, as credits become more available. Students don’t need to worry about that since the additional credits will happen naturally with the trimester system.

We look forward to serving you in 2015-2016!

David Chappell

David Chappell