At Tenino High School, we provide an inspiring education that creates a bright future for our students and for our community. We dedicate ourselves to creating world-class results. All our hard work is really paying off. In 2007, we earned "School of Distinction" honors for our WASL scores. Our highly-qualified teachers instill a love and respect for learning that will stay with our students throughout their lives.

In addition to excellent classroom instruction, our students participate in a wide-range of extra curricular activities and clubs. We offer competitive athletics, discovery learning experiences, and leadership opportunities. We give our students all the resources necessary for them to achieve academic and personal excellence.

At Tenino High, we’ve discovered that educating and inspiring our kids is a team effort. We’ve found that involved and informed parents and community members are essential for successful students. At Tenino, we work hard to maintain excellent communication with parents through this website and school newsletters. We dedicate all available resources to the development and care of our students. Your interest and participation set an important example for our kids to follow. We encourage you to find out more about the activities and educational programs at Tenino High.

Tenino High Daily Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule (Tuesday-Friday)
Lunch is determined by 4th period

1st Lunch Group 2nd Lunch Group
8:20 a.m. Warning Bell 8:20 a.m. Warning Bell
8:25-9:20 1st Period 8:25-9:20 1st Period
9:25-10:20 2nd Period 9:25-10:20 2nd Period
10:20-10:30 Break 10:20-10:30 Break
10:35-11:30 3rd Period 10:35-11:30 3rd Period
11:30-12:00 p.m. Lunch 11:35-12:30 p.m. 4th Period
12:05-1:00 4th Period 12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:05-2:00 5th Period 1:05-2:00 5th Period
2:05-3:00 6th Period 2:05-3:00 6th Period

Late Arrival/ACT Schedule

Lunch is determined by 3rd period

1st Lunch Group 2nd Lunch Group
10:20 a.m.Warning Bell10:20 a.m.Warning Bell
10:25-11:011st Period10:25-11:011st Period
11:06-11:452nd Period11:06-11:452nd Period
11:45-12:15 p.m.Lunch11:50-12:30 p.m.3rd Period
12:20-1:003rd Period12:30-1:00Lunch
1:05-1:404th Period1:05-1:404th Period
1:45-2:205th Period1:45-2:205th Period
2:25-3:00 6th Period 2:25-3:00 6th Period

Monday Advisory
Lunch is determined by 3rd period

1st Lunch Group 2nd Lunch Group
8:20 a.m.Warning Bell8:20 a.m.Warning Bell
8:25-9:161st Period8:25-9:161st Period
9:21-10:122nd Period9:21-10:122nd Period
10:52-11:433rd Period10:52-11:433rd Period
11:43-12:13 p.m.Lunch11:48-12:38 p.m.4th Period
12:18-1:084th Period12:38-1:08Lunch
1:13-2:045th Period1:13-2:045th Period
2:09-3:006th Period2:09-3:006th Period